camera fotografica e filmadora canon

camera fotografica e filmadora canon

A Canon camera, a device of art, Capturing moments, forever impart, Through lenses and settings, a world in sight, A story to tell, with every light.

A film camera, a relic of old, Revealing life, as it once unfold, A reel of memories, a time to hold, A cherished treasure, forever told.

Canon, the maker of visual dreams, A fusion of technology and extremes, From high-speed action to tranquil scenes, A tool of expression, bursting at seams.

A filmmaker’s companion, a muse, A canvas to paint, with light’s hues, A camera of wonder, without excuse, Canon, the source, of creative use.

In every click and every shot, A Canon camera, captures the plot, Of life’s journey, and the love we’ve got, A masterpiece, in every shot.